The emergence of a new, conscious lifestyle brand, built on the
foundation of awareness and self discovery. We aim to break down the barriers of status quo, apathy, and complacency, causing you to dig deeper within yourself in discovering the truths of your own existence in taking back your life! We are not interested in fads, or what is hot for the temporary moment, which will eventually fade very quickly into a distant memory...or forgotten completely. Our focus is on timeless designs that remain relevant. The SLOOTH™ lifestyle is conscious living in the moment. SLOOTH™ is simply the conduit. We challenge you to shed those comfortable layers you are currently living in, towards the regeneration of something completely new! We want to evoke within you an emotion that urges you to want to dig deeper to unearth your full, unlimited potential in creating a positive environment internally, that will extend and permeate externally to the world around you. We urge you to play on the surface of life, but to dig deep within! 

We produce our garments in the USA (Kansas City)
with the utmost love and care, with an emphasis on utilizing the most sustainable
materials available on our planet, while also supporting workers rights and fair
wages. SLOOTH™ A Conscious Lifestyle Brand is bigger than just tee shirts, apparel and accessories. It is a lifestyle with the focus centered around the Fore(sees)... (C)onsciousness, (C)reativity, (C)ulture & (C)ommunity. 

Live fresh in awareness...or perish in ignorance!

Carpe diem!